Whizzper 1.5.09

Chat on your phone via MSN, Yahoo, AOL and Google Talk

Whizzper allows you to IM your buddies anywhere, anytime from any mobile device, with interconnectivity to MSN, AIM, Yahoo and soon Google Talk. You can even invite your friends for free! You may have to configure an internet connection for your phone if it's not already set up.

Whizzper is three times less expensive than communicating by SMS. Set up a data traffic plan with your Mobile Operator and discover the advantages of internet communication on your mobile. With Whizzper there's no waiting around for responses. In just a few clicks, you're conversing just as in voice conversations with as many buddies as you wish at the same time.

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Whizzper 1.5.09

User reviews about Whizzper

  • rot

    by rot


    Smallest IM client i've found so far with MSN and Yahoo. Worked fine for my Nokia 6230i..   More.